April 2017


Prostate Cancer ‘Undertreated’ in 4 of 10 Men in England
Zosia Chustecka
March 27, 2017

Cancer Mutations Mostly Due to ‘Bad Luck’ — New Data
Roxanne Nelson
March 24, 2017

What Is the Best Treatment for High-Grade Prostate Cancer?
Gerald Chodak, MD
Disclosures | March 23, 2017

BPH Drugs Tied to Mental Health Risk, but Not Suicide
By Andrew M. Seaman
March 22, 2017

Tailor Prostate Cancer Tx by Adverse Effects Profile
Pam Harrison
March 21, 2017

Prostate Cancer Mortality in Men With a Negative Initial Biopsy
Gerald Chodak, MD
Disclosures | March 17, 2017

Metastases, Not Death, New Benchmark in Prostate Cancer?
Pam Harrison
March 16, 2017

Prostate Cancer and Vasectomy Not Linked…But With One Caveat
Roxanne Nelson, BSN, RN
March 16, 2017

Vessel-sparing Radiotherapy Preserves Erectile Function in Prostate Cancer
By Will Boggs MD
March 09, 2017

Men Who Use Aspirin Regularly Have Lower Risk Of Lethal Prostate Cancer
By Will Boggs MD
March 06, 2017

Urology Times

Hypofractionated IMRT outcomes comparable to standard regimen
By Lisette Hilton
March 20, 2017

Mental health conditions contribute to PCa-related costs
By Leah Lawrence
March 16, 2017

Single-fraction HDR BT feasible for localized PCa
By Leah Lawrence
March 16, 2017

Researchers validate prognostic model for mCRPC
By Lisette Hilton
March 10, 2017

Day of RP affects complication rates, length of stay
Worse outcomes seen with procedures performed on Fridays, data indicate
By Wayne Kuznar
March 01, 2017

Genetic predictors could improve PSA accuracy
By Keith Loria
February 16, 2017

Cancer Network

Testosterone Replacement Linked to Lower Rates of Aggressive Prostate Cancer
By Dave Levitan
March 13, 2017


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