February 2017

Here are relevant articles for February 2017:


Treat Older Prostate Cancer Patients According to Fitness, Not Age – Guidelines
By Madeline Kennedy
January 25, 2017

Could MRI Replace Biopsy in Suspected Prostate Cancer?
Pam Harrison
January 23, 2017

Big Drop in Prostate Cancer Treatment in Recent Years in US
Pam Harrison
January 18, 2017

Intermittent ADT in Prostate Cancer: Jury Still Out
Roxanne Nelson, BSN, RN
January 18, 2017

Marker for Prostate Cancer That Needs Aggressive Therapy
Pam Harrison
January 17, 2017

Surveilling Middle-Risk Prostate Cancer: Cautionary Data
Nick Mulcahy
January 10, 2017

More Advanced Prostate Cancer Seen in Older US Men
Pam Harrison
January 03, 2017

Extraprostatic Extension Rare With Contemporary Gleason Score 6 Prostate Cancer
By Will Boggs MD
January 03, 2017

Cancer Network

Increasing Rate of Prostate Cancer Metastases at Diagnosis in Older Men

News | January 05, 2017 | Genitourinary Cancers, Prostate Cancer, Screening
By Dave Levitan

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