October 2016

The October meeting’s  program was a roundtable discussion/social event at Guy Dresser’s house.


Data: May Be OK to Give ‘T’ to Men With Prostate Cancer
by Nick Mulcahy
September 22, 2016

PSA Screening Persists Despite Recommendations to Stop
by Neil Osterweil
September 15, 2016

Time to Abandon the Digital Rectal Exam?
by Fran Lowry
September 15, 2016

10-Year Prostate Cancer Results From Landmark ProtecT Trial
by Alexander M. Castellino, PhD
September 14, 2016

Are Metastatic Prostate Cancer Diagnoses Really Increasing?
by Gerald Chodak, MD
September 13, 2016

Young White Men More Likely to Have Robot-Assisted Surgery
by Rob Goodier
September 12, 2016
Cancer Network

Prostate Cancer More Likely to Metastasize With Active Surveillance
by Anna Azvolinsky
September 16, 2016

Model Using PSA Test Can Help Predict Time to Prostate Cancer Relapse
by Dave Levitan
September 1, 2016

Early-Stage Prostate Cancer Diagnoses Continue to Decline, Mirroring PSA Testing Declines
by Dave Levitan
August 24, 2016


Urology Times

What influences opting out of active surveillance?
by Lisette Hilton
September 2, 2016

Prostate HIFU lands in the U.S. Now what?
by Leonard G. Gomella, MD
June 1, 2016


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